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With content marketing being the top focus on all the digital marketers, we can expect bloggers or website owners trying to build quality links through guest posting process. The growth in the current market might have caused some websites to lower their guest blogging standards, but those who’ve lived by the golden rules, have managed to thrive even in the post-Penguin era.

Knowing the Right Approach

Google’s latest updates tend to target low quality guest posts, which try to rank, with wrong strategy and any of the shady Black-hat tactics. You can share your posts on high profile blogs, after knowing the success formula!

When considering a blog to contribute a guest post, you need to consider whether or not it is closely-related to your field. It is quite tough to determine, as few blogs would be run by your rivals and hence you need to stretch a bit to find the best ones.

You may look at tradeshows rather than giving even the least importance to promotional websites. If the blog is relevant, you need to check whether it’s a reliable place to post your content. Review the posts on the site and check whether there are constant updates, made on weekly or at least fortnightly basis. The blog should be getting indexed often and do not just look for link juice or high page rank; rather check out whether Google crawls the site regularly.

Few More Things to Consider

Look for blogs, where it makes sense for your posts to be published and there’s a good possibility of engaging the readers that’d be interested in your offerings. The niche may not be similar, but there should be an overlap in interest of viewers and you should be getting some value from them.

You can check out SEOMOZ to determine the page rank and domain authority, ensuring that the blog has right elements. You can check their guest posts to determine how strong the page authority is. Look for other activities, such as sharing and frequent comments. Ensure that it holds true not just for the home page, but other pages as well.

Few Things to Avoid

There are several valuable guest posting opportunities and you’ll lose resources by committing just a few mistakes. The blog that accepts all posts quickly is just focusing on building extra content and might not have subject matter or target audience and hence you must be wary of such blogs. The blog should provide some guidelines regarding their expectations, writing style, and what their audience look for. If the blog has no focus, then it’d never help you! A low quality site is usually covered up with excessive advertisements that can badly hurt the user experience, and such blogs tend to get penalized by Google updates very soon.

Make a note of all these and check their activities on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook too, before really building links from them, because no link is better than a toxic link!

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