Niche guest posting services to give your business an edge over rivals

With Google determined to take down all the low-quality websites with its flurry of algorithmic updates ranging from Panda 20, the 3rd Penguin update, down to the EMD (exact match domain), it has become extremely critical for any website to build authority in its niche. And, niche guest posting is one of the best ways of accomplishing the same.

What is Niche Guest Posting?

Put in simple words, niche guest posting is the process of growing the reach of your website in its particular niche such as technology, health, business or finance, by contributing to the top blogs operating in that field. When you create ‘expert quality’ content and brand yourself as an expert in the domain, it’s quite obvious that not just the search engines, but even the real blog visitors will start taking you seriously.

Build Authority and Gain Valuable Backlinks at the Same Time

The biggest benefit of niche guest posting is that it allows you to establish yourself as an expert in the niche, and at the same time build supreme quality credible backlinks that are simply loved by the search engines. Moreover, the backlinks created through the guest posts are never frowned up by search engines, because they’re placed under the author bio section of the guest post, and they’re highly relevant to the niche of your website. Consequently, your website tends to rank higher in Google SERPs for the target keyword and performs better for other related keyword phrases too.

The Process Isn’t That Simple

But, the painful part is that it’s easier said than done; creating extremely high-quality contents relevant to a niche may not be possible for every website owner, and the process of hiring a professional writer and churning out the content may not only be a costly affair but fairly time to consume too. Add to it the pain of contacting various webmasters of the top blogs and seeking approval to get those guest posts published, and then tracking things until the posts go live.

Since most of the top blogs attract dozens of guest posts each day, it becomes a hassle to follow up with the webmasters as well. Therefore, it may turn out to be too tedious for a small business owner to manage everything on his/her own. And, that’s where we step in and take complete charge of things!

We create high-quality content, which focuses on the niche of your website, and get it published on top blogs with backlinks pointing to your website, containing the desired keyword phrases… And, you can simply watch your SERPs hit the first page of Google, and give you amazing returns on your investments.

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