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So you have a blog or a website, which is doing pretty good for you in terms of targeted traffic, high visibility and has also attained high SERP rankings and the world out there is looking at your popular blog. It is very much possible that any guest bloggers from around the web world would try to contact you and write articles for your blog. The typical term for this is guest blogging. Now the general consensus is that these so called gust bloggers just churn out articles of varied quality, sometime very poor and sometime very high, and want to leverage the popularity and authority of your domain to their advantage.

Guest Posts Don’t Just benefit the Contributors

While this is true most of the times, it is not true that the only person benefiting from such a thing is the one who writes these guest blogs. It all depends on how you play around with such requests that you receive from different webmasters or blog owners. If you are really smart enough you would understand the real power of guest blogging and could be the winning party, which equally benefits from such an exchange of services.

How Do Guest Bloggers Benefit?

Typically, the guest bloggers expect a link in their published article that points back to their domain. Now their interest lies in the fact that through guest blogging, they manage to build natural links, something that Google loves and they are also able to expose their expertise to a vast user-base that they don’t currently have. Users reading their articles on your domain, click on the link and get directed to the website of the guest blogger. A continuous process of this kind not only increases their traffic level but also the traffic coming is targeted and of high quality. All this discussion pretty much sums up that guest bloggers profit from guest blogging.

The Process Needs to be Equally Beneficial for Both the Parties in Question

Now let us see how something like this can be equally beneficial for you as the owner of the domain that is in high demand. As it is your website or blog, you have the complete authority of approving and publishing only those articles that you think match your level and if you manage to get hold of even three to four high quality writers, you can’t even imagine how in a matter of few months they can further boost the credibility of your domain with unique and intriguing articles that they are capable of writing. Then there also are any writers who write for fun and all they want is their name to be mentioned below the articles and they don’t even ask for a back-link. If you have a single such writer who writes amazing content you can consider yourself extremely lucky; but, most of the times, it isn’t really the case!

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